Karrie Williams - Cruise Contributor

Negril Beach Jamaica is world renowned as a major tourist attraction.

With Jamaica being known for its slogan sun, sea and sand (And I hear there’s a fourth…); the beaches of the island are a major pull factor for tourists who vacation in Jamaica.

Predominantly white sand, Jamaica’s beaches are as beautiful as they come, but none comes close in popularity to Negril Beach Jamaica. Here’s why:

Negril is Jamaica’s largest beach. Great for swimming, waters sports, snorkeling, diving and fishing, this seven mile beach boasts pure powdery white sand and calm clear waters with a gentle breeze.

Although well sunny, there is also plenty of natural shade from the various sea grape and other trees that can be found growing in the sand along the beach.

Being a resort town, Negril’s beach is dotted with several commercial entities such as hotels, restaurants, water sporting agencies and informal vendors (Negril’s original peanut vendor is shown in pic). For the most part they offer convenience; however tourists can expect to be approached by several friendly local vendors selling a variety of items.

Although most of these activities occur during the day time; at nighttime Negril beach also comes alive. Most popular are the walking musicians who go around from hotel to hotel singing and making music for tourists. It is not uncommon to be serenaded on Negril beach by any of these friendly musicians; if you feel like it, join in the singing and dancing with them- they love it when you participate!

It is important to note that unless you are a registered guest of a hotel along Negril Beach Jamaica, you might not have access to use its facilities on the sand such as lounge chairs. Generally speaking all-inclusive hotels do not allow non-registered guests to use their beaches without a purchased day pass.

Apart from the all-inclusive resorts and Long Bay public beach, there is no entry charge to use the beaches in Negril.

Negril's original peanut vendor

Amenities such as life guards, lounge chairs, showers etc. are available depending on which beach you use. More than likely if you are using a resort beach and you are not a registered guest; you might have to pay a rental charge for the use of a lounge chair as these are normally reserved for guests. Margaritaville offers complimentary lounge chairs to patrons.

Water sports are very popular on Negril beach and several hotels and other agencies rent gear and equipment. Jet Ski ride, boat ride, catamaran cruises, parasailing and ocean trampoline are amongst the water sports activities to choose from on Negril Beach Jamaica.

It is important to note that there are some hotels along Negril Beach Jamaica that are clothing optional. These include Hedonism II and the Point Village property. I will tell you more about nude bathing on Negril beach soon.

During holiday times busloads of visiting locals from all over the island often converge on Negril beach for a day outing.

I have a few special locales that I like to visit also to have a Pina Colada or to simply enjoy a relaxing sunset view on the sand; who knows; perhaps I might run into you one of these days.

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