Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

Believe it or not summer is actually over; don’t let the heat fool you.  How do I know this?  Because I am back in school.  So being that it is the end of summer 2012, it is my time again to list my favourite songs for this summer.  Some of these songs were love at first hearing and some grew on me, due to heavy rotation.  This will be a two part article.  I will list five this week and next week I list the other five.  Now let’s get the ball rolling.  The songs will be listed arbitrarily, so just look out for your favourite.

  1. When Mi Party by Popcaan:  though this is basically a remake of Party Shot, I still enjoyed this one, simply because it was summer and I wanted to sing about how drunk I was.  So thank you for that one Poppy.
  2. Sum Bway by Tommy Lee:  I am not a big Tommy Lee fan but I know I would suffer greatly if his hot songs for the summer were not listed.   The only part I know to the song is “Gaza man crazy” and “di link pon d chain”.  I guess the link wasn’t strong enough…huh Tommy Lee?

    Tommy Lee. Photo courtesy

  3. Gaza Ma Psycho by Tommy Lee:  Ok   let’s just get this over with.  We definitely need to send some psychologists over to the Gaza camp.  Forget about the budget and the IMF and all other matters of national importance.  The Gaza needs some serious psychological intervention and dare I say immediately.  Ok now that, that’s out of the way, I can say that Tommy Lee certainly made his mark this summer.
  4. Jump by RDX:  I had to admit, when I first heard this song, I hissed my teeth at it, saying, I can’t dance to this crap, as it is too fast.  But I certainly had to quickly teach myself how to maneuver all those jumps in my mirror, as there was no escaping this jump at the parties this summer, especially those water parties.
  5. Stop Sign by Konshens:  Konshens certainly had a good summer in 2012 with his multiple hit songs.  Stop Sign is just one of them.  And let me say that I was at the Water Party that the video for this song was being shot and he was extremely hot…I mean it was hot….the song was hot.

That rounds off the first five of my favourite songs for the summer in random order.  Come back next week for the next five, again in no particular order.