Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

As a child growing up in Jamaica, what I observed was that most women wanted to be the main woman in a man’s life.  Even if that man is philandering all over the place, as long as she knows that she is the ‘wife’ all is good.  Because of this, every woman was a wife, even if in reality she was not, in her head she was.

When she attends the dancehall sessions and the DJ gives instructions to the wives she would carry out those instructions like the wife she is (in her head).

Back in those days a “matey” (the other woman) was not any woman’s desire.  Line such as; “when wifey come out an bush to di bone dem no worry bout man cuz dem ave f idem own, matey come out an a gwaan like she hot, kiss mi neck she ina dashiki frock” were the mottos of wives.

Because the matey role was so undesireable, the mateys most times took a back seat and just kept a low profile.

Fast forward to 2012 and mateys are being shown much more respect than before.  Mateys have their own songs to walk out to, at sessions.  Tifa has made sure of that with “Matey Wine” and that is just one matey dedicated song.

Today, mateys have become a lot more brazen, now proudly declaring their position.

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Yes it is a different day and age when the world is becoming a lot more tolerant of almost everything and is beginning to accept most people, blacks, Muslims, gays and yes, mateys.

Today wifeys do not necessarily have more prestige than mateys; it depends on who you ask.  Today, wifeys and mateys are somewhat equals in their own ways.

So if you are a wife your era has passed, if you are a matey however, this is your era, so up ina di video light and enjoy it.  No, I am just kidding, wives are always in season.