“I am so glad we can still be friends” is the words uttered on many Caribbean women’s lips when they are going through a break up. Love that was once there is no more and the ties that bind are now unravelled and frayed. Life is somewhat ironic and has a twisted sense of humour as the person who was the centre of your world, one of the reasons you are happy is now quite the reason for the feelings of displacement, chaos and

misery that eventually leads to the breakup. The wish to remain friends is never a wise choice albeit you wish to remain civil and composed. It is often said that the success of that friendship plausibility is grounded in the reason or reasons for the breakup. I agree that that is true but it also depends on the type of person your ex is.

Imagine having an ex who is insecure and jealous to the point the relationship became an exhausting enterprise as you are constantly defending yourself against accusations which are unfounded and downright ridiculous. Your cell phone which is to be a useful tool with wonderful apps to make life easier is now a tracking device. It is often said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all but it is better to avoid the psycho that will make your life become a nightmare.

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Nevertheless, you do have the romantic stories with the happy endings where love once lost is now regained as in the words of the great Shakespeare “The course of true love never did run smooth” I know of happily married couples who reunited after a breakup. If a relationship doesn’t work, it is best to evaluate and assess, use the experience as a training ground to work on the flaws and avoid the pitfalls that comes with being in a relationship. Don’t let past hurt become insecurity and baggage that will hinder your progress and growth in the next relationship venture. Remain focus on yourself, move on to the search for a happier you and you will find that someone who will love you and willing to share your journey and be together as one.