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LGBT+ Activist’s Act Of Love In Brixton Angers Some Locals

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The text which says homosexual black men loving each other is ” a revolutionary act and a beautiful thing ” is NOT revolutionary and does not have anything to do with beauty. What Afrikans need more than ever are strong families with sensible and caring Afrikan mothers and fathers uniting and producing positive Afrikan daughters and sons to help in the empowerment of the Afrikan race. The family unit of the mother and father and their children, girls and boys is the basic traditional family structure of our Afrikan ancestors for thousands of years and is positive and revolutionary.

The homosexual roundel was installed at Brixton tube station, South London,Wednesday 22 September 2021 and shows two black men kissing each other and so on. I want a roundel showing an Afrikan Mother and Afrikan father kissing each other installed in Brixton tube station and a text saying it is good to have Afrikan men and women loving each other and producing and bringing up wonderful daughters and sons to enhance the progress of the Afrikan race in all areas of life. By Mandingo 29th September 2021.

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