Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

Recently Khago released a song entitled ‘Threesome’, where, as the title suggests he is declaring that he is in the mood for a threesome.  “me feel fi a threesome, me send me woman go call Winsome…She she she buck a neda gyal we have pierce tongue, me se bring ar in an come” Khago deejays.

Now we all know that the artists in dancehall have gotten ‘come a dat way’, in terms of open mindedness towards sexual activities.  Either that or they have just gotten braver and more vocal in recent times about their sexual preferences.  With songs such as Freaky Gyal, by Kartel and Do Di Ting by Konshens, dancehall artists are jus slowly coming out one by one.

Khago being the most recent one has come under fire from fellow deejay

Agent Sasco. Photo courtesy

Assassin aka Agent Sasco.  In his song hitting out at Khago’s recent sexual fantasy, Agent Sasco deejays, “Di ting a run a slack, the almshouse fi stop, how Ras a beg threesome, me bun freaky Ras.”  In his defense Khago says that he never declared himself to be a Rastafarian.  He also justifies his sexual request by stating that at least his is not, like other artists asking for three guns instead.

On this matter, all I can say is that I am really disappointed in Agent Sasco.  Summer is coming up.  Therefore we do not need the throwing of words and the picking of fights.  What we need at this time is feel good songs.  I do not understand why artists continue to believe that throwing words is the only way they can get attention from the dancehall fans.

Secondly, most men have a secret fantasy; it is just that Khago is brave enough to say his out loud.  Come on Sasco, don’t be so self righteous now.  Are you trying to tell me you have never fantasized about a threesome?