Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

Is it me or has music turned upside down?  What is this I am hearing;  Khago and Sizzla are at war?  This does not sound right at all.  In the words of Twin of Twins, it is like a shear on a Rasta; it no luk gud.  Two natty headed men cannot be at it lyrically and be spitting the kinds of lyrics that are being spat by these two artists.

This all started when Khago did his song ‘Threesome’ which also ticked off fellow deejay Assassin aka Agent Sasko.  But apparently, Sasko is not the only one taking issue with the song, as, the highly respected, Rastafarian deejay Sizzla, seemed to also be taking issue with Khago’s controversial song and has expressed his opinion on the song, in song.  Since then, Khago, has responded, and of course the back and forth throwing of words by both artists was inevitable.

This has left people shocked and surprised, in both good and bad ways.  The streets have been saying that Sizzla seemed to have lost his

Khago Vs Sizzla. Photo courtesy

meditation (medz), to be in a lyrical war.  Rastafarians are supposed to be peaceful and they are supposed to sing conscious and soulful songs.  Since Khago, also sports locks, it does not look good on his part either, where that is concerned.  However, he gets off easier than Sizzla, since the streets are saying that he was never ‘holding any meditation’ from beginning.  Therefore, this is somewhat expected from Khago, especially since he has already entered at least two lyrical confrontations, prior to this one.

Where the clash is concerned though; the streets have been saying that Khago is killing Sizzla.  Of course, this surprised many.  This, of course looks really bad on the part of Sizzla.  So he gets it twice.  He entered a clash, as a Rastafarian with a ‘jus come’ artist and is getting lyrical hits all over.