Karlene Rickard 2012

Me last year – 2012

The Multiple Sclerosis Champaign.

As promised here is the insight about my journey with MS.

Thank God, I am still around after twenty nine years and I am not in a wheelchair. I recovered from being totally paralysed after calling on God for help albeit with severe limitations.

Prior to this the doctors had no idea what to do with me. I was discharged from the hospital and went back into a working life. After a short period I suddenly became paralysed from the waist. It was devastating; I wanted to scream having to return to hospital again. Once more the doctors were baffled.

Every day I was visited by a team of consultants and students, I became their subject. My only solace was visiting other patients on the ward in my newly acquired wheelchair. I started to look to God whilst attending the exercise sessions while also reading, writing and being positive about life. I started a new lifestyle.

The winter came and the ward was extremely cold everyone was suffering. In praying for deliverance I contracted chicken pox. ‘Hey! Chicken pox and I became friends because I had to be quarantined ending up in a warm cosy room with VIP treatment.

The warmth brought stimulation into my legs, soon I was up again. It was clear that I needed a warm environment; not long after I was discharged on crutches. The hospital prescribed different medications with regular physiotherapy. The therapy was good but the medication was not successful.

Milk River Bath

Milk River Bath. Photo courtesy www.jamaicaninchina.com

Back at home my neighbours converted their house into a church. I got involved in the church; this was a new experience. One day a visiting pastor preached and I became born again. The more I became involved with God the stronger I got.

The opportunity came for me to visit Jamaica. The heat was wonderful and visits to the Milk River Bath, the top natural Spar in the world, was therapeutic. The water was soothing and my body felt stronger with less muscular pain and reduced spasm.

I will tell you more about my incredible tripartite journey next time. I understand Montel William is also a sufferer and would appreciate him getting in touch if possible.