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Jamaican High Commissioner In London Speaks On Hurricane Beryl

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My fellow Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica Hurricane Beryl, a Category 4 tropical cyclone, has been making its way through the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. As it approached Jamaica, the system had already claimed lives and caused significant damage to infrastructure in the South Eastern Caribbean.

The Jamaican government and emergency services have been working tirelessly to prepare, issuing warnings and taking all necessary measures to protect lives and property. The Jamaican High Commission awaits a thorough assessment from the Government and its local disaster preparedness agencies before issuing guidance, ensuring that any response is tailored to the specific needs identified on the ground. This approach helps in mobilizing resources efficiently and supports the affected communities in the most effective way possible.

We know that Community support is a powerful force, especially during these difficult times. It’s heartening to know that there is a readiness to help our fellow Jamaicans through what will be challenging times in the days ahead. In the interim, the High Commission will ensure that the Diaspora is kept informed via our Intagram pages as the situation develops. Let’s continue to keep Jamaica and our affected Caribbean neighbours in our thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Beryl passes through our region.



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