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This week I have been planning our tours that will mark the celebration of Jamaica 50th Anniversary. To commemorate this occasion and to get you in the mood to book a Jamaica getaway we have come up with 50 things to do and see when travelling to Jamaica.  They are not in order of priority and the list is not exhaustive but once you feast your eyes on theses activities I am sure you will can pick your favourite from the list.


50 Things to do in Jamaica

  1. Eat Jerk Chicken at Scotchies
  2. Sunset at Rick’s Café
  3. Visit National Heroes Park in Kingston
  4. Visit Fort House Museum
  5. Eat ice cream at Devon House
  6. Tour the White Witch of Rose Hall
  7. Walk through Hope Botanical Gardens
  8. See the famous statue in the Emancipation park
  9. Climb Dunns River Fall
  10. Play golf in Montego Bay
  11. Go rafting down the Rio Grande
  12. Drink Blue Mountain Coffee
  13. Eat more jerk chicken on Boston Jerk Beach
  14. Go rafting on the Martha Brea river
  15. For the thrill seekers visit mystic mountain by bobsled
  16. Attend the Reggae  Sumfest
  17. Walk the 7 miles of beach in Negril
  18. Watch the cliff jumpers at Rick’s Café
  19. Go hiking up the Blue Mountains
  20. Visit the National Art Gallery of Jamaica
  21. Swim with dolphins
  22. Visit the Bob Marley museum
  23. Experience a tropical rainforest by zip liner
  24. Visit the Arewak Museum
  25. Duty free shopping in Montego Bay
  26. Attend the annual Jazz and Blues Festival
  27. Take a boat ride on Alligator Pond
  28. Eat fish on Treasure beach
  29. Tour and sample Appleton Estate rum
  30. Visit YS Falls
  31. Visits the Lovers Leap
  32. Experience an holistic massage at Jackie’s On the Reef
  33. Attend the Maroon festival
  34. Horseback riding along the beach
  35. Drink a Red Strip beer
  36. Attend Caribbean Fashion week
  37. Visit the fishing village Fort Charles and sample some seafood
  38. Relax on a sunset catamaran cruise
  39. Visit Doctor Cave in Montego Bay
  40. Dive into the calm blue lagoon
  41. Be blown away by Somerset falls
  42. Visit the craft markets
  43. Drive through fern gully and look back at the view
  44. Take a night cruise at glistening water luminous lagoon
  45. Visit the breathtaking Mayfield Falls
  46. Visit the Green Grotto Caves
  47. Have some fun at Margaretville Caribbean Bar and Grill
  48. Experience Montego Bay underwater marine sanctuary
  49. Take in the cool climate in Mandeville
  50. Indulge in some peppered shrimp

The famous Devon House

With such a formidable list the tourist board have a right to say  – Once you go you know  – Happy 50th Birthday Jamaica

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