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Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Conference Commences In Grenada

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  The Caribbean Tourism Organization’s 2024 Sustainable Tourism Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development commenced at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, marking the beginning of a transformative dialogue aimed at re-shaping the future of Caribbean tourism.

As the Caribbean’s premier event for high-level networking and discourse on sustainable tourism, the conference serves as a vital platform for tourism policymakers, private sector stakeholders, thought leaders and strategic partners to address the pressing challenges and opportunities facing the region.

Tourism Minister Adrian Thomas

Under the theme, “The 5 Ps for a Legacy of Caribbean Tourism Sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, & Partnership,” the conference commenced with remarks by Prime Minister the Honourable Dickon Mitchell, who passionately emphasized “Partnership” across supply chain sectors. He highlighted the importance of inclusive and open dialogue with industry stakeholders as the path to sustainable solutions.

Following this, Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, delivered a compelling keynote address, eloquently articulating the symbiotic relationship of the 5 P’s and emphasizing their collective role in shaping the unique identity of the Caribbean. Stewart underscored the significance of “People” in sustainability practices, emphasizing that Sandals University, in collaboration with governments, has a singular purpose: to expose, uplift, advance, and educate the people of the Caribbean.

The day’s discussions kicked off with a session dedicated to strategies and initiatives aimed at safeguarding natural ecosystems and biodiversity. This session underscored the intrinsic value of nature and emphasized the urgent need to protect and restore our natural habitats.

Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International

Subsequently, the conference delved into the pivotal role of nurturing diversity, fostering equity, ensuring inclusion and advancing education within the tourism sector.

The Host Country: Destination Grenada Showcase, offered a captivating exploration of Grenada’s unique attractions, cultural richness, and sustainable tourism initiatives, reaffirming the island’s commitment to responsible tourism practices. The discussions delved into vital topics such as marine conservation projects, blue economy initiatives, and the protection and significance of Grenada’s rich flora, fauna, and forestry. Led by CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Petra Roach, the panel shed light on the importance of preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Grenada while fostering sustainable economic growth through tourism.

Additionally, day one featured a spotlight on the Grenada Climate Resilient Water Sector (G-CREWS) project, addressing critical risks and vulnerabilities related to freshwater availability and disaster preparedness. The project aims to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in the face of climate change.

Concluding the day was a dynamic masterclass titled “Building Resilience Across the 5 P’s: Strategies for Tourism Resilience and Competitiveness.” This session explored strategies to bolster resilience within the Caribbean tourism sector.

As the conference progresses, stakeholders remain committed to advancing sustainable tourism practices that benefit both the Caribbean region and its people.



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