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Chefs & Visitors To Get a ‘Taste of Grenada’ Ahead of Groundbreaking Epicurean Showcase With The James Beard Foundation

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The James Beard Foundation®, in collaboration with Chef Alexander Smalls, and the Grenada Tourism Authority, has revealed its award-winning chef lineup for the highly-anticipated “Culinary Symphony” experience in Grenada on May 18th at the Silversands Grenada. The event will celebrate the diverse flavors of the Isle of Spice, while being part of an ongoing effort to inspire culinary careers, especially among youth. The featured  chefs—Carla Hall, Erick Williams  Cleophus Hethington, and Nduvoakim Abdus-Salam will develop a delectable menu representing black diaspora foodways, while honouring Grenada, deemed the world’s first “Culinary Capital” by the World Food Travel Association in 2021. 

As part of the event, the culinary contingent will provide five courses exploring Grenada’s array of traditional flavours and spices. The dinner experience, curated by Chef Alexander Smalls, is the culmination of a culinary tour that celebrates the island’s most esteemed chefs.

Chief Executive Officer of the James Beard Foundation, Clare Reichenbach, is thrilled for the opportunity to visit Grenada and support its food culture—while continuing to champion Good Food for Good® and a more equitable and sustainable future for the culinary industry and the broader food system. “For over 30 years, it has been our community’s goal to place a spotlight on food culture as the nucleus in our daily lives,” she explains. Together with the culinary contingent, Reichenbach is also excited to visit the island to understand cultural sustainability and food security as a priority practice for community tourism in the Caribbean. “Grenada’s landscape is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the diversity and traditions of global communities and to celebrate the people who drive innovation forward. Our team is committed to supporting a resilient and flourishing industry such as this island that honours its diverse origins.”

Over the course of 5 days, visiting chefs and other specially invited guests will be treated to an authentic taste of Pure Grenada that tells an important story about the island’s history and heritage. Vegan Chef Joachim Joseph and Tricia Simon, founder of Grenada Cocoa and Spices Health & Wellness Tour, will co-lead a bespoke daytime tour experience, as the island pursues geographic indication for products such as cocoa and nutmeg. The tour takes a deep-dive into indigenous excellence and will include activities such as a “Healing Flower Walk” – an excursion through a medicinal flowering garden curated by globally-renowned Pharmacognosist, Environmentalist & Practicing Natural Farmer Dr. Guido Marcelle. There will also be an immersive cooking and tasting experience and a traditional hand-washing ceremony that will showcase the island’s profound and preserved cultural connection to Africa, as Grenada celebrates 50 years of Independence in 2024.

Silversands Grenada’s local Pastry Chef, Nelcia Mapson-Joseph will prepare the desserts, while guests celebrate African foodways in the Spice Isle on May18th.

For more information on the tours and the James Beard Foundation-endorsed “Culinary Symphony” dinner experience, please contact the Grenada Tourism Authority.



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