Staff Writer Nastasia Grant

“Gal unnu waahn Champagne full up unnu Glass”

Black Champagne is one of Reggae’s up and coming artistes who wants to leave his footprint on the reggae dancehall community. With his ebony complexion, handsomely standing at approximately 5’8″ tall clad in blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt, Black Champagne arrived on the grounds of Sea Splash Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Appearing humble and modest, he sat down at the resort overlooking the beach to give us an insight as to who is Black Champagne.

Black Champagne was born Leon George Campbell on the 29th of June 1977.

Black Champagne "Gal unnu waahn Champagne full up unnu Glass"

He was enticed by music since his high school days at Edith High School in Kingston. Thus, he started his musical career in 1993 with Gesley Cat in Toronto, Canada. Black Champagne has produced for artistes such as Beenie Man, Scare Dem Crew and Captain Barkey, but his producing days were short lived as he wanted to become a recording artiste. With Damian Marley as his motivation for musical success he is determined to succeed and he explained that both of his parents have been supportive. In addition, through the years he has accredited his friend Gong Guli from Spanish Town St. Catherine for his endless support, stating “he gave me that motivation to reach a higher level in the music business”.

Black Champagne and Manager

To date, the song he is most proud of is “Gal unnu waahn Champagne full up unnu Glass” written by Iruru (MJ). The song is said to represent the type of music he does, which involves partying and girls, but yet, he is quick to add that he knows there is a God that is still in control. He has performed alongside Sizzla and various other artistes and is still waiting for his moment to shine in the reggae community.

Apart from the music, in his spare time you can find him “holding a meds” smoking, but is very keen to add “no drugs”. He encourages the youths to stay in school and emphasizes the importance of knowing how to read and write in the world of music.

With his level of determination our support and encouragement goes with him, as he looks forward to releasing his album soon…stay tuned!