Dancehall sensation Jahvillani is inviting one and all to take a ‘first class flight.’  The first person to join him is none other than Trinidad & Tobago’s Prince Swanny making this musical collaboration a whole mood!

Before we get to the artists brand new single, let me walk you through some of his previous hits.  “Wileside Government,” “Sunday to Sunday” and “Clarks Pon Foot” showcase a different reason why fans enjoy the musical charisma of Jahvillani.  The men appreciate the ‘tuggy’ side, and the ladies want to play the persona of the main chick, so everyone is plugged into the lyrics of the artist.  All 3 songs have more than 4 million views on YouTube.

“First Class Flight” is the well-balanced anthem that sees successful ghetto yutes take a flight with first class service as they fly to their new destination – more success.  Prince Swanny (who is featured on the track), is one of the lead players in the Trinibad movement which represents Dancehall from the twin Republic.  His verse adds extra sauce connecting both nations and the world to a song that will enjoy rotation and mixtape placement for the summer and beyond.

Sonically, I LOVE how Tevin Richard kicks the 808 under Jahvillani’s vocals as he says ‘first – class – flight’ at the chorus.  It’s the kind of moment that will make you and your listeners put your fist in the air and motion in sync with the beat.  Big up to YGF Records on the production.

Thank you, Dubb Master Chris, for debuting the track on Irie Jam 93.5 FM in New York last night.  Spex Da Boss has the chune on deck for G98 FM in Toronto, and I’m looking forward to hearing each cities debut too.  Jahvillani and the entire Wileside crew are listening.  Tag us so we can repost:  @jahvillani | @vprecords | @thesonicexecutive

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