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Is Dominica The Best Place To Shop For New Identities And Passports

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According to highly placed sources in the Indian Intelligence agencies, the world’s second most wanted terrorist, fugitive Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, popularly known as “the Don”, shifted his base from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia on the night of May 1, 2011. Ibrahim is reported to have moved with his close associate “Chhota” Shakeel.

The move came shortly after the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) of America had located and cordoned Osama Bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, As the operation to eliminate the 9/11 mastermind unfolded, Dawood and his family were asked to vacate his palatial ‘Mohin Palace’ in Karachi and shift his base to Saudi Arabia.

Security sources have now indicated that Ibrahim is back in Karachi, reportedly in his new “avatar” as the management guru for the Mujahedeen (freedom fighters).

With the International sleuths snapping at his heels, like pariah dogs at the legs of an elephant, the Don is reported to frequently visit Western countries, travelling under numerous false names and multiple passports including of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia , UAE(Dubai), and possibly the Commonwealth of Dominica, a tiny island country in the Caribbean!

The key lines of their National anthem, ”Isle of Beauty” is only too true for this little island country, with a population of just 70,000. But, like all exotic things, has a deadly virus. The Economic Citizenship Programme(ECP), which was mooted in 1991, to lure foreign investments into the country, following a complete wipe out of the country’s main cash crop bananas.

However, the ECP has now come under heavy fire, for doling out Citizenships, and, consequently, voting rights and Passports for a sizeable “donation to Dominica’s exchequer. Naturally the dregs seem to be taking full advantage, according to reports.

It could be probable under such circumstances that many operatives from the Don’s gang the D-Company—or maybe the Don himself — have, thus, acquired citizenships and passports from the Commonwealth of Dominica under the ECP. Speculation is rampant that recipients of these fresh identities also include hard core ‘jihadist” from the al Qaeda, drug lords and other subversives.

During the last decade, thousands of Passports have reportedly been issued, at random! A diplomatic Passport costs around US$200,000, aside the “processing” fee, paid under the table to selected agents, of between US$ 10,000 to U.S.$ 100,000. Holding as true, beyond doubt, the universal adage that love makes the world go ‘round, but Money greases the wheels.

On account of the soft outlook of the United Kingdom on the people of Dominica, its former colony, saboteurs can effortlessly slip into Britain. If indeed such Passports have been purchased under false identities, it will difficult to now locate them, which might pose difficulties for the UK and the USA in particular, which these fundamentalists themselves openly acknowledge are among their prime targets.

The reports broken in the Dominican.net and other media, recently of the husband of a distraught Indian woman, disappearing with their minor child, on the surface, admittedly, is truly of no importance ,except, maybe, to the parties affected. A domestic dispute gone sour !

But when it is reported that the husband had bought Dominican citizenships and Passports for himself and the little boy, without the mother’s consent and knowledge, for a total of US$145,000 and, subsequently, vanishes, then the matter takes a different turn.

It becomes even more serious when it is alleged that a Delhi- hotelier, had filed criminal complaints against him and his accomplices for allegedly defrauding him of US $ 22 million(equivalent in INR), with the Commissioner of Police (Delhi), Mr. B. K.Gupta.

According to the report, “this person had purportedly threatened the complainant and his family on the behalf of Dawood Ibrahim- or at least using his name.” Security and intelligence agencies the world over, including in India, ought to ponder that if this man can, apparently, dodge the long arms of the law in his own country, successfully and easily enter into any country by virtue of his new identity and travel documents, so too can militants, drug smugglers, human traffickers and money launderers .They must, then, per force, pick up their antennas, and take positive action, even if by way of abundant caution.

Some of the terrorists who are lurking in India, may very well be among the Dominican Government’s “ customers”, and might have purchased their new identities to at least, sneak into the country and indulge in covert activities.

With obtuse reactions from the enforcers of the law in Dominica and also in India, who are, taking an ostrich-like stance, and simply trying to wish away these startling developments, in the interest of their own internal National security, the intelligence agencies of the U.K. and USA must call for details of the persons to whom new identities, citizenships and Passports were sold from 2005 until this date from the Government of Dominica. Each and every one of them must be traced and accounted for. This is indeed a Herculean task, which must commence without delay. Otherwise, matters might become dangerously sticky for us all.

(Source http://www.thedominican.net/2011/11/dominica-best-place-for-passports.html)




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