The Service Research and Innovation Institute appoints Senior Caribbean Technology Professional to its Global Leadership Team. 


Kris Singh, President and CEO of The Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII), announced the addition of a Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) chapter to its portfolio. Rhea Yaw Ching, newly appointed member of the SRII Global Leadership Team, will lead the region.

SRII is a global organization whose mission is “To Drive Innovation for the Digital Economy “. It is headed by senior leaders from an impressive list of tech companies such as: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Citrix, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Infosys, eBay, PayPal, Accenture, ? etc. who partner with academia, research institutes, professional societies, venture capitalists and government organizations to implement relevant sector-based solutions.?

Kris stated, “I am very pleased to have such a seasoned professional as part of our team and look forward to her leadership role in building SRII Digital Economy Innovation Initiatives for the Caribbean and Latin America.”


Rhea Yaw Ching

Rhea Yaw Ching

Rhea Yaw Ching is an experienced business and technology leader. She spent the last 10 years at Columbus International, one of the largest telecommunications companies in CALA. Her last role was Corporate Vice President, Sales and Marketing where she successfully stewarded the residential, business and wholesale divisions of the company through market expansion efforts, technology deployments and social commitment strategies.

Rhea, a Trinidad and Tobago national,who is currently head of the U.S.-based Covela Foundation, sees the role as beneficial to the Caribbean and Latin America. “The depth and range of expertise available across SRII’s global network can be leveraged to catalyze development of locally relevant innovations. I look forward to being part of the SRII Team”. SRII

SRII focuses on two main streams: 1. Innovating the Service Economy – with emphasis on Healthcare, Education, Government Services, Transportation, Commerce and Energy.2. Innovating IT-As-A-Service- with a special focus on Cloud Computing, Mobile Services, Security and Social and Data Analytics.?

SRII brings key stakeholders together through the hosting of conferences and summits around the world; in Silicon Valley, Europe, China, Asia and India and maintains focus groups in specific streams, which provides consulting and advisory services to governments and organizations globally.

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