Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Last year, I wrote an article about how the job hunt in Jamaica can be traumatizing. In that said article, I stated that we need to explore all our options. Recently, I’ve heard of a page on Facebook that actually help job-hunters, called ‘I Need a Job Jamaica’ (INAJJ/INJJ). Several persons have recommended said page to me. The thing that pulled me to INAJJ is that it does not only advertise vacancies but it also assists job seekers with advice and other beneficial services, all free of cost. This impressed me so much that I had to host an interview with INAJJ. See below:

1. What made you start the page ‘I need a job Jamaica’?
INAJJ: Persons would call me and ask for job leads, to do resumes and provide career advice. I figured that if I knew so many persons then there must be a greater need for this help.

2. How do you source the jobs?
INAJJ: Local papers, Facebook pages, company websites, career/job posting sites, hiring managers, employees and persons posting on the wall.

3. I’ve seen on the page of persons getting a job from your posts. What’s the success rate like? INAJJ: Persons will post and some won’t. Some persons will post that they need a job and make comments and after a while they stop posting. It can be assumed that some of these persons have gotten jobs. At this time though there is no way to measure the success rate

4.How does that make you feel?
INAJJ: It feels very good to know that people who have been out of work for years are now employed.

5. How does the page work?
INAJJ: Whenever jobs become available they are posted. It is not an agency so I do not find jobs for people. I help with resumes and application letters along with providing advice and information as needed. Other persons who view the page will also post jobs and provide information that the job seeker would probably not have been privy to.

6. I’ve seen a few posts of frustrated job hunters. How do you deal with
these posts? What causes you to continue with this page?
INAJJ: Sometimes I really do not have to do anything because other persons who have been or are in the same or similar position can offer encouragement and advice. This can be much more beneficial.

7. On your page, there’s an email address. What’s the purpose of you making
an email address available?  In what ways do you further assist job hunters?

INAJJ: They often submit resumes and application letters for review. Sometimes they are edited or redone but time does not permit due to the volume. Employers email job posts and for communication that is best done in private. Not everyone wants to post their questions for everyone to see so this avenue works for them.

8. Is INAJJ one person or a group?
INAJJ: At present there is one administrator but there are resource persons who are consulted on some issues.

9. Any future plans for INAJJ?

INAJJ: A website and other practical resources for job seekers and another administrator. There is still a question mark unforeseen opportunities often present themselves.

10. What advice can you give job seekers?

  • Be professional in how you present yourself
  • Give yourself the best chance possible by being prepared
  • Be sure your application letter and resume are properly done
  • Keep your options open, there are many career paths that you may not have considered
  • Be confident and do not give up

10. Any final words?

INAJJ: I just love what I am doing and will help as much as possible to provide jobs for Jamaicans

Now Jamaicans (and even those abroad searching for a job in Jamaica) this is definitely an option that will help. On Facebook, type in the search bar ‘I need a Job Jamaica’ and you’ll see a page that has the photo of a man looking at a board with job listings. Like the page and as INAJJ stated, jobs are posted on the page so you have to CONSISTENTLY check the page for new postings and SCROLL DOWN the page for all the postings you’ve missed. As INAJJ said it is not an agency therefore he/she assists with the process of finding a job, not actually getting one for you.
Employers feel free to post on INAJJ’s wall with vacancies or email your post to

INAJJ is doing a great job and I sincerely hope INAJJ continues.  Jamaicans, this is one innovative ways of helping each other.Keep it up INAJJ! We appreciate all you’re doing to help job-seekers!  See link below for INAJJ: