Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

A couple months ago as I watched 106 & Park, something pulled at me heart as I heard Pras Michel, former member of the renowned Fugees, advocating for help for the homeland of his parents, Haiti. Two years ago, the people of Haiti were devastated by a 7.0 magnitude tremor that killed hundreds of thousands of people and cause many to be homeless. According to Pras, even though a couple of years have passed and they have received numerous contributions, they still need help. It’s alarming how much the country lacks proper healthcare, food and shelter presently.

Many have wondered why Haiti’s progress is moving at a snail’s pace. According to, billions of dollars have been pledged for the reconstruction of Haiti but only 43 percent of that promised money has been disbursed to Haiti. That means what Haiti actually got monetarily is far less than what we’ve heard they got. There really is no quick fix to Haiti’s issues as many are still living without running water, a toilet or even access to a doctor. The basic necessities are deprived and therefore it is top priority that they get immediate help. One way to help immediately is to buy a (Embrace Haiti Now) EHN’s bracelet as Pras suggested on 106 & Park. 

Pras partnered with Artists for Peace & Justice, J/P Haitian Relief Organisation along with the Stiller Foundation created the movement, Embrace Haiti Now (EHN) that’s working to return hope to the country. However, because of lack of funding, EHN might be reduced or eliminated. According to EHN’s website,, almost 600,000 people live in tents and are facing eviction and have no other means for shelter. Can you imagine so many people existing under fragile housing, opened to all kinds of illness with little or no food to eat? Today is the day for you to buy an EHN’s bracelet to help those in need.

The EHN bracelet, designed by EHN’s founder, Pras can be brought via the charity’s website, The EHN is described to be a symbol of devastation; resilience and hope…hope that one day Haiti will fully recover. Here’re the steps to purchasing an EHN bracelet:

Once on that website, go to the tab, Store then click on the bracelet.

Scroll all the way where you’ll see the photo of the bracelet, choose your size then click add to cart.

You’ll then see your shopping cart which shows the quantity and the item description. You can increase the quantity by right clicking inside the box and insert the number of bracelets that you can afford. Click update to get correct price.

Then click on ‘check out with PayPal’ and either create or pay from existing PayPal account OR you could just click on check out for an alternate means of paying.

On the website, you can find information on what each symbol on the bracelet represents. It’s not just a bracelet; it’s a representation of us uniting to help those who need it. Buy a bracelet today, tell a friend to buy a bracelet and tell that friend to tell a friend to buy a bracelet. Embrace Haiti now.  See link below: