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In Jamaica news. Gina Hargitay Finished in top 10 at Miss World Pageant:  Proud or Disappointing Moment?

Jamaica’s Gina Hargitay went to Indonesia on a mission of becoming Jamaica’s fourth Miss World.

Social media has been buzzing for weeks in support of Gina.  Sprint queen, Shelly Ann Frazer Pryce was probably Gina’s number one celebrity supporter.

Shelly Ann made multiple posts on social networking website, Facebook, urging Jamaicans and her fans to support Gina and to vote for her in the popular vote contest.  That must have worked somewhat because even though she did not win the popular vote, she placed fourth.

So watching the pageant, I was of course supporting Miss Jamaica, so when I heard that she made top 20 and then again top 10 I got really excited; thinking that maybe we have a chance; especially with all the hype that has been created around Miss Hargitay.

Jamaica’s Gina Hargitay. Photo courtesy

Jamaica’s Gina Hargitay. Photo courtesy

She entered the top 10 in 9th place.  I was a little disappointed at her placing, however I was still optimistic, and became even more hopeful that scores for the top ten would have been wiped and reset to zero.

Miss Ghana Carranza Naa Okailey Shooter. Photo courtesy

Miss Ghana Carranza Naa Okailey Shooter. Photo courtesy

However, my hopes were soon crushed when the top five were named and I did not hear our girl’s name.  Then they announced that the popular vote winner would be added to the list of finalists if she was not already a finalist.

I already knew that she placed fourth in that contest, as Olympian, Shelly Ann Frazer Pryce had already announced it on Facebook.  However, I was still hopeful; hopeful that our beloved Shelly Ann was wrong.  But reality intervened when the winner was named and it was Miss Gibraltar.

I was disappointed but then jumped on Miss Ghana’s bandwagon; reason being that she was the only dark skinned finalist, plus she was gorgeous; but for the third time, I was again disappointed; as Miss Ghana placed second runner-up.  The winner ended up being Miss Philippines.

All in all though, our girl did well to finish in the top 10.