Sports news. Tournament legacy scheme sees top players helping in areas across the nation

Tobago, January 26, 2015:  Local communities will host top former stars from the English Premier League this summer as part of a legacy programme designed to create a lasting local impact from the British Airways Tobago Legends Challenge, which will kick off from June 15 to 22, 2015.

Dwight Yorke. Photo courtesy

Dwight Yorke. Photo courtesy

The innovative Legends Legacy Community Outreach programme will foster a wide range of activities around Tobago in the run-up to the tournament, including the “twinning” of local areas with the teams representing many of the Premier League’s biggest football clubs. The sports for development outreach scheme will see legends from Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, among others, engaged in an intensive activity programme, with star players working in local schools and communities.

The Legends teams will be paired with local communities. Top former player and son of Tobago Dwight Yorke will head the cast of stars in the community effort, heading home to Canaan as leader of a Manchester United representative team. The full list is:

MANCHESTER UNITED : Canaan/ Bon Accord-Ground-Canaan/Bon Accord

ASTON VILLA : Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant/Bethel-Ground-Mt. Pleasant

LIVERPOOL Les Coteaux/Plymouth/Black Rock-Ground-Plymouth

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Patience Hill/Signal Hill/Lambeau– Signal Hill Rec Ground

CARIBBEAN ALL-STARS : Mason Hall/Moriah/Castara-Ground-Mason Hall

ARSENAL : Roxborough/Argyle/Goodwood-Ground-Cyd Gray Complex

CHELSEA : Charlotteville/Speyside/Delaford-Ground-Speyside Recreation Ground

PFA ALL-STARS :  Whim/Mt Grace/Calderhall-Ground-Mt Grace

The Legacy outreach programme is a key element of the pre and post tournament activities. The British Airways Tobago Legends Tournament is a new major sports tourism effort headed to Tobago this June. It will see 64 of the best players ever to play the beautiful game face-off during a high tempo six-aside Legends tournament.The twinning of the teams with local communities is an effort to heighten the sense of excitement around the event and foster some friendly competition while building awareness of the Legends tournament.

Local youth and children, primarily based in local schools, will wear the same ‘official’ shirt colours as the teams. Coaches and unemployed youth will be identified and encouraged to act as ‘ambassadors’ to help deliver the programme objectives on the ground in each community. Each sports field is close to a local school/s and will be the key location for Legacy activities. Magdalena Beach and Golf Resort, the official hotel is offering special Caricom rates during the week of the event.  Visit us at

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