This week on The Dolor Factor I have two guests: father and daughter gardening duo Tony and Lydia Lakemoore. Originally born in Cyprus, Tony started working for the Cypriot government when he was 12 years old to provide for his family. He moved to the UK when he was 17 and slowly adjusted to the different language and culture, something he says his good looks helped with! As his career progressed he started gardening as a hobby.

He now shares this hobby with his daughter Lydia, who’s curiosity about the different things Tony grew has led her to become a keen gardener herself. Tony enjoys being resourceful and growing ingredients from his garden, as does Lydia, who also finds gardening therapeutic.

Tony tells Delia that he started gardening because he was always interested in making things grow, and Lydia tells Delia how gardening with her Dad has strengthened their bond.

The Dolor Factor on Colourful Radio Thursday 13 September @ 9am.