Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Happy New Year to y’all! Welcome to the year of the ‘twenty-dozen’ (As Jamaican Comedians, Ity & Fancy Cat puts it), whether or not the world is going to end, we’ll continue to share & impact the world with our stories. My first advice to you is to start the new year off right by taking  a  step back & reflect on 2011, all your ups & downs. Have a general idea of what you want to accomplish for this year but do not put pen to paper until you’ve read this article.

2012 is not the year for unrealistic resolutions. Do yourself a favour and do not make a list of fruitless and empty promises. Making New Year’s resolutions all for the sake of it being a new year is a trend that you can’t afford and will only end up being ‘bruk’ (monetarily, spiritually and emotionally) if you try. With a new year comes new enthusiasm for new possibilities. Use that enthusiasm to raise the bar daily. To me, it’s just a new day in another year; another day for me to continue my productiveness, to accomplish another goal and to break an old bar. If we stop looking at life made up of years rather than days then getting where you want to be will be so much more manageable. Here are three simple steps to making realistic resolutions by the day or by the week:

 1.       PRIORITIZE

What does prioritizing mean to you? How often do you not only recite its meaning but practise it? We need to set goals in terms of priority. What is needed to be done now? What can wait until later? If you must, write a list of your goals for a week in order of priority (most important to least important). Work your way through ticking these goals off one by one or you could use ‘one stone and kill two birds’ as the saying goes. Whatever works best for YOU.


Haste makes waste...Take your time!

Take it one step at a time. Are you familiar with the saying ‘haste mek waste’? This can prove to be so true. You’re rushing but you just aren’t getting anywhere. One classic example is you’re driving and you’re late for work. Do you think it’s wise to overtake, break the law and end up in an accident OR just wait and chill with the melodies of your favourite singer? You could break the law and get stopped by a traffic police or possibly end up in an accident or worse. I’m not saying you should be slouchy about your life goals, just go at a speed that won’t have you crashing.


Easier said than done? Why not just give it a try? After all nothing beats failure than a try. Too many times we talk about doing things instead of actually doing. Act today and make each day a productive day. Throughout your goal setting and achieving, don’t forget your most important goals: love, be happy, pray and give thanks to creator for each day that you live. All the best to all my readers for 2012!