COVID-19 Hypocrisy?: Sandals Resorts Plane With Passengers Landed In Jamaica The Same Day Marella Ship Workers Were Not Allowed In

On April 2, a Gulfstream G550 aircraft carrying passengers left Miami bound for Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. It was nine days after Jamaica closed its borders to incoming passengers to combat the spread of COVID-19. It was also the same day more than 40 shipworkers aboard the Marella Discovery 2 entered Jamaican waters, seeking permission to come ashore, but their own government failed to acknowledge the request.

Sandals’ Gulfstream G550 with registration number N991JS taken at Boston Logan International Airport on April 7, 2019. Used with the permission of Eugene H. Delaney Jr.

It is not known who disembarked the jet, whether special permission was given and why. But according to a gazetted government order that was being enforced at the time, persons could only enter the country as of March 25 if “authorised by the Minister responsible for immigration, subject to the approval of the Cabinet.” That minister is Dr. Horace Chang, who has overall responsibility for national security. FOR FULL ARTICLE: Go to 18 Degrees North Investigations