Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

Trini Carnival blogger Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

Caribbean news. “Finally, we are here, carnival is at our doorstep”. This is the mindset of many Trinidadians at home and abroad. The Christmas season has ended, the New Year isn’t so new anymore and the people are at the gyms and savannahs, training and becoming fit for carnival 2014.

The components of the season are, but not limited to, Soca, Chutney, Comedy, Panorama, Calypso and Parties aka “fetes”.

As the season gets underway the bands such as, “Tribe” and “Fantasy” are signing up their last minute members; party promoters are doing their “sound checks” for the coming “fetes” i.e. “WASA fete”, “Army fete”, “black to blue fete”, “Wet and Wild Cooler Fete”, among a few; and the various competitors are finalizing their final battle plans for “Groovy”, “Chutney” and “Power Soca” International Monarchs titles, along with the Road march title.

As all of these preparations are happening, it is a reflection on the reality of who we are. We, as Trinbagonian people, we as Trinidad and Tobago are the Heart of Carnival, The Pulse of T&T.

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There are many carnivals around the world, such as in Miami, London, Canada and Brazil. However, none, AND I MEAN NONE, can match Trinidad’s carnival, the food, drinks, culture, people and the atmosphere of the season.

One will indulge in it and like an addict to cocaine anyone and everyone will be hooked on our carnival. I, as a Trinbagonian extend to the world an invitation.

We are a friendly people. We are a happy group of different but understanding and respectful individuals. We have fun, we work hard and we always welcome anyone who wants to be a part of our family.

This is our national character. So, come to our nation, enjoy yourselves in this festive season, and be a part of the Trinbago family. ONE LOVE