iROKOtv, the world’s largest online distributor of African movies and, online home to all breaking news and events from the Caribbean, have joined forces to bring more Nollywood movie news to the Caribbean community in the UK and around the world.

Nigerian Hollywood, colloquially known as ‘Nollywood’, is Africa’s biggest film industry and the world’s second biggest film industry in terms of output – with over 2,000 movies produced each year. Wildly popular amongst the African Diaspora, Nollywood has also gained fans in the Caribbean community.

In this new partnership, iROKOtv will now be bringing movie news and pictures directly to CaribDirect readers every week, as part of the website’s extensive entertainment section.

Jessica Hope, Global Communications Officer for iROKO Partners says: “The Caribbean community loves Nollywood and we live, breathe and eat Nollywood on iROKOtv – this is a great partnership and we look forward to sharing all our new movies  with the CaribDirect community.”

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

CEO of, David F. Roberts says, ‘This alliance with Africa’s most prominent distributor of African movies, Nollywood is significant as works on forging tangible relationships with the continent. For many years I’ve marvelled at the interest my family and friends in the Caribbean and here in London have in Nollywood movies…this partnership with iROKO will make such movies more accessible to the Caribbean.’ See first movie Mother’s Betrayal.