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AWG Round Up VIII: Wesley Snipes is back!

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Wesley Snipes released from prison

He battled Vampires, Supernatural Beasts and the Scourge of the underworld as Blade, he battled terrorists at 40,000 feet in Passenger 57 but the U.S Government was the one opponent that Actor Wesley Snipes could not hope to defeat when he was sentenced to three years imprisonment in December 2010 on charges of Tax Evasion.

Ex con Wesley Snipes on house arrest

Ex-con Wesley Snipes on house arrest. Photo courtesy progressivevalues.blogspot.com

Snipes, real name Nino Brown was being held at the McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania but after serving just over two years, he was released on April 2nd to Home Confinement. He will remain under house arrest until July 19th .

Hollywood cannot wait for Wes to make his comeback with a role in The Expendables 3 slated for a 2014 release already on the table and rumors of Blade 4.

Snipes has always contested his innocence, blaming an oversight by his “Financial Advisors”. Suffice it to say he will be balancing his own books from now on www.ign.com

Mike Tyson’s Wife Email Threats

If you value your nose remaining intact (not to mention your ears staying where nature intended) then former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is the last person you would be making threats against, however it appears that a person or persons unknown intend to incur the wrath of Big Mike or more specifically his wife.

Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer at MTV Movie Awards 2010

Mike Tyson and Lakina-Spicer at MTV-Movie Awards 2010. Photo courtesy divadiz.com

Lakina Spicer married to Tyson since June 2009 has apparently been receiving a regular torrent of emails threatening her safety and the rest of the family.

Although the identity of the perpetrator is unknown, Spicer has advised that she has regularly receives internet contact making false allegations in relation to her personal life.

The guilty party has been traced to an I.P Address and Spicer has filed a legal suit claiming the repeated contact has caused her extreme emotional distress.

Famed “Celebrity Lawyer” Mark Gerogos boasting a client list including the late Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder and Chris Brown is handling the proceedings. www.TMZ.com


Jay Z and Beyonce Cuba Visit Controversy

Celebrity Couple Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to visit the Island of Cuba this week to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, however J and B wouldn’t be J and B unless there was some disapproval over their behavior.

Although most of the island’s inhabitants were excited by the visit of the A-Listers, several Cuban rights groups have criticized the couple due to Cuba’s continuing controversial communist and anti – human rights practices.

Beyonce and Jay Z in Cuba on their wedding Anniversary

Beyonce and Jay Z in Cuba on their wedding Anniversary.Photo courtesy www.billboard.com

Maurico Claver Cavone, director of PAC, a political group lobbying for increased Democratic Rights in Cuba said” I’m disappointed that these “superstars” have chosen to holiday in a country where women are beaten and jailed for no good reason, people are fighting for their freedom every day. It’s extremely insensitive.”

U.S Citizens are technically banned from travelling to the island for tourism, while there is no suggestion that Jay and Bey have broken the law. Radio Personality Ninoska Perez added “It’s sad to see the callous side of these individuals who vacation in a country where there is no respect for human rights and huge discrimination against blacks, not to mention that U.S LAW bans their citizens from Cuba for Tourism, I hope Beyonce and Jay-Z are not above the Law”. www.metro.us

Thank you for reading. Check out Volume VII in this series.



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