Business news. Caribbean Enterprise Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurs – CREATE (CR8)

Micro and small businesses are considered as vital engines for growth and job creation and play a crucial role in reaching the objectives of the economic development strategies of many Caribbean countries.

Caribbean economies need entrepreneurs as they are the lifeblood of a business-orientated society.

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Our unique Enterprise Assessment Tool for Entrepreneurs CREATE (CR8) enables budding and existing entrepreneurs to test their competencies and determine their “entrepreneurial skill level deficit”, and evaluate any further training they may require. By completing the 15 minute assessment, they receive immediate feedback on their capabilities together with an individualized report that explains their strengths, identifies their training needs and allows access to a continually evolving database of training course providers, both in the Caribbean and Europe that offer a range of courses (including classroom and e-learning) that will help meet any “competency deficits” identified.

“ .. This is a unique initiative that will support entrepreneurs on their “entrepreneurial journey” to ensure they have the right skills for success and growth ..“ says Dr Paul Quantock, Chairman of The Foundation for Entrepreneurial Participation

This self-assessment tool is an important element in the development of entrepreneurial education throughout the Caribbean as it will determine the existing skill level of budding and existing entrepreneurs – which will assist policy makers and training institutions to further develop appropriate courses to meet the “skill deficits” identified by individuals.

For further information contact Dr Paul Quantock / Telephone +44 1482 651695