Co-owner of Archway Guesthouse B&B, Denis St Bernard speaks about the opportunity to his business emerging from COVID-19 lockdown. He says ‘With all the doom, gloom and stress all around, I thought that maybe we can share a glimmer of sunshine as we try to kick start business in the hospitality sector in the beautiful Lake District. 

We are happy to report continuous raving reviews on our Breakfast since reopening, please see recent reviews below:

 The Archway Guesthouse B & B nestled in the heart of Windermere town centre, just 5 minutes walk from the train station, in the Lake District, continues to bring a touch of the Caribbean through its ambience and most of all its signature “Caribbean Breakfast Dish” prepared and served up by the once leading Caribbean athlete Denis and his wife Anita. 

When asked why is the Archway Caribbean Breakfast so popular with guests all over the world, Denis replied that being a quintessential Caribbean Man, having been to most countries in the Caribbean and sampled various styles of breakfast, we have now been able to put together a simple delicious and consistent breakfast loved by many.

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