H.C. Nicholas hosts Canadian High Commissioner to discuss Commonwealth

Caribbean new. The necessity to create a more open and cooperative environment within the Commonwealth of Nations was central to the discussion when High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Gordon Campbell paid a call on High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Garvin Nicholas on Monday 3rd March, 2014.

Keen to see more conciliatory ?partnerships within the Commonwealth, HC Campbell and HC Nicholas held candid discussions on some of the challenges that have arisen in the past and the best ways that the more developed members could effectively contribute to the organisation’s advancement and relevance.

HC Campbell HC Nicholas

H.C. Nicholas emphasised the need for all member states to take into consideration each other’s unique cultural and philosophical norms and stages of development, thus fostering more respectful and understanding relations.

H.C. Nicholas also stated that the development agenda required enhanced cooperation and greater interaction not only among member states but also among Commonwealth Associated Organisations, in particular the Commonwealth Business Council, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

H.C. Campbell reiterated Canada’s acknowledgment of the tremendous role of small states in the Commonwealth, particularly as the majority of the Commonwealth is comprised of small states. H.C. Nicholas highlighted Canada’s potential to significantly assist in the development of these small states by sharing best practices across the main pillars of Commonwealth, including Development, Good Governance, Rule of Law and Democracy.

HC Nicholas has played a significant role over the last three years in the Commonwealth and as a consequence has seen Trinidad and Tobago’s influence in the Commonwealth greatly increase. H.C. Nicholas was pleased with the positive outcome of the discussions, and pledged that Trinidad and Tobago would work in unison with Canada to strengthen the bonds of the Commonwealth.