Vee Simmons, Entertainment Correspondent

Vee Simmons, Entertainment Correspondent

Caribbean news. Samuell Benta the author of ‘All about the Mckenzies’ was one of the speakers at CaribDirect’s International Business Network (CIBN) event held on 15th May 2014 at the Saint Lucia High Commission.

He followed up his talk with a notable private viewing at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, NW London on Sunday 18th May 2014.

Samuell Benta who is 27 years old, loves motivating his cast and wrote this series himself (including poetry) and exceeded his last series, to boot!

His ethos is to send statements and messages to the public throughout the series. One asks – can the fathers provide stability for the family, can they get the family to achieve, whilst facing incredible challenges?

The daughters are becoming young women, and there is a maturing thread running through each series. They are living their dreams, and this showed a true insight to the horrendous prickles they faced in life when dealing with older people they thought they ‘trusted’.

The theft and dropping important items episodes, were hilarious and really matched what young teenagers do out there currently (go and see it). He provides role models for young and older individuals who watch this funny comedy ‘worldwide’ series, shamelessly not yet commissioned, but why – watch this space?

Director, producer of All About the McKenzies, Samuell Benta

Director, producer of All About the McKenzies, Samuell Benta

There were astonishing, real talented scenes which all the audience could connect to. Rudi Lickwood, the side-splitting preacher was an act to follow and the uproarious ‘Ugly sisters’ who could never be ugly, were truly riotous with their dance routine.

Full blown Inspirations

The audience laughed raucously at times when moments of comedy tickled them. They asked Samuell for public viewings and this needs to be explored, I guess?

Samuell said, when interviewed by me, he wants to provide British black positive entertainment and is inspired by Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence and Bruce Willis. He values the 90’s sit coms, Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids, Sister Sister.

Also yes Desmonds, those of you older readers!!! He wants to be a positive example for the younger generation.  YES – He developed his work from a very young age 17, magnificently taking part in many school productions. Music has also been one of his passions with the rap alias “Myster?ous” but chose to pursue his acting career to focus on his vision.


He landed roles in top TV shows such as: BBC’s Silent Witness, Hotel Babylon, Doctors, The Cut, and was the first ever British actor to land a role in the hit kids franchise “Power Rangers Operation Overdrive” as the black ranger.

You’ll know him as “Donnie” in Eastenders E20 series 3 which is the spinoff of the Huge UK Soap Opera Eastenders.    He saysYou don’t have to go to drama school and be overly qualified in performing arts to succeed, and have your own show. This is a black comedy series with a diverse cast that you all can relate to”!!

Samuell loves films, TV shows and theatre plays. His ultimate goal is box office king in Hollywood knowing that along the way he has served the world with his products in the market that have made a dramatic and positive impact in the way the youth “think” and expanding their consciousness and providing them more acting job opportunities.


Producer for Award Winning Web-Sitcom  “ALL ABOUT THE MCKENZIES” 

(Winner of the LA Web Festival 2012 for “Great ensemble cast in a comedy”)
(Winner of the Theatre Madness Festival for the “Audience Choice Award” 2012)
(Winner of the BEFFTA’S for “Best Web series” 2012)

Interviewed by Vee Simmons