Caribbean news. Hard work and success goes hand in hand, and everyone who made it will disclose that they had to take risks to get to their destination. This was the impetus for dancehall artiste Figga de Millionz move from the BVI to Jamaica. However, the artiste informed BVI Hotpress in an interview that moving was just the first step, since the major push to make it to the top has only now gone full speed.

While in the BVI Figga was known in the local music circle, and was regarded by dancehall fans. Now he is committed to ensuring that he makes the acquaintance of the top echelons of the dancehall industry.

The artiste said that he is focusing on recording as many songs as possible; and promoting heavily to ensure that he attracts new fans and keep his followers excited.

On the production side, the artiste has been working with quite a few producers in Jamaica and elsewhere, but he is mainly with a record label called “Pon Di Korna Records.”

Rising to the top is hard work, and Figga has accepted that there will be many more sleepless nights: “Everything starts from the streets so I’m always in the streets promoting and making links. Going to every weekly event trying to get the songs played in the dancehall, no sleep at nights.”

The artiste noted that already his hard work is beginning to bear fruits as he recently recorded a song that was produced by Richie Loop (the artist that sang what’s in my cup stays in my cup). The song is on the Tumbler Riddim called “Love Free,” and is getting played in the dancehall, which Figga agrees is a very promising sign.

Figga. Photo courtesy

Figga. Photo courtesy

He told us: “Many people, and other artistes are getting to know me and see the talent now. I have also performed at a couple of shows in and around Kingston over the holidays and I have a few coming up. So I’m getting to practice my stage performance.”

At this moment the artiste says that he is putting the final touches on some music videos he hopes to drop soon, he told us: “I plan to do a video for most of my songs because visual is very important. Songs and videos for the conscious ones, the ladies, the thugz them, and the galis them, I just do music. I started off the year with something conscious— a song called “Blessings” produce by Pon Di Korna Records.”

“This song (Blessings) is about me going through the pressures of life, but looking into myself and knowing that I could have it worst so just look on the blessings that I have and thanking God for that. The video for this song was shot and should be out soon,” he added.

Just like the popular adage warns that the road to success will be paved with hardship, the artiste said that he has walked a mile on said hard road, but that determination forces him to trod through: “It’s not easy, it’s very hard and disappointing at times, but I’m putting in the work nothing beats hard work. I’m surrounded by talented people so the dream would come through. Big up to all my fans in the V.I. mi still a rep same way nothing change and big up mi group “Up 2 Di Time” same way PRESS DA BUTTON,” he joking said.

Checkout Figga’s  video Blessings. Article courtesy BVI Hotpress