This is just a very short notification to inform you that The Mella Centre has TEMPORARILY CLOSED and our FILM FRIDAY series of films are therefore postposed until further notice.

You may be hearing many rumours about the centre and its mangement but you’ll not hear anything negative from BCC other than we expect a positive outcome that will hopefully include the reinstatement of BCC and our FILM FRIDAY series in the not too distant future.

In the meantime we will continue with our monthly screenings and should the date of our FILM FRIDAY reinstatement look to go beyond February 2014, we’ll be screening at an alternative venue. Please note that all currently programmed films will be rescheduled and you’ll be informed of the new dates in due course.

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On behalf of the BCC Leadership Team THANK YOU for your many texts, calls and emails of concern for FILM FRIDAY’S future and THANK YOU for the loyalalty you’ve shown to BCC.

Also we THANK YOU for making our screenings so popular and the talk of the town. BCC wishes that the interest and support continues regardless of the location we choose to POP UP and show film. Watch this space for further GOOD NEWS.

Peace, Love & Unity(PLU)