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Brazil analyzes partnership with Saint Lucia

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Staff writer Denise Mota

The Foreign Relations Committee of Brazilian Congress approved this month a technical cooperation agreement between the South American country and Saint Lucia. The document states partnerships in health and safety, among other areas. That is the first time these two countries set an agreement.

The island nation of the Lesser Antilles, near Martinique and Barbados, signed with Brazil a document that establishes procedures such as the authorization to give privileges and immunities to officials of the partner country.

Among these benefits, there are the concession of visas issued by diplomatic means, exemption from customs duties for personal items, exemption from income tax on wages paid by the State of origin and legal immunity regarding actions related to the partnership between the two countries.

The agreement also provides exemption from import and export duties to all

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goods and equipment supplied by a signatory to another, when such items are part of projects being developed by both nations, and, at the end of the cooperation task, such property also may return to the country of origin without paying taxes.

The proposal (PDC-567/2012) is being processed as a priority in the Congress and must be considered by the Committee on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship before heading to the Congress plenary.

To read the proposal in its entirety, go to:


For the Portuguese version click here



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