In Barbados news, The Alleyne School Alumni UK dinner and dance has been a fixture in the UK / Barbadian (Bajan) community for many years and has secured a loyal following.

Given the significance of this year’s celebration we have committed ourselves to provide an even more memorable event with the addition of a renowned Bajan comedian, Wayne ‘Dibbi’ Rollins…

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About the The Alleyne School Alumni UK:

Alleyne School Alumni UK was founded in 1973 as a Voluntary Benevolent Association, with the aim of providing some financial assistance to the alma mater, the third oldest grammar school in Barbados.

Funds donated assist disadvantaged students in the furtherance of their secondary education.

Its founder, Sir John Gay Alleyne (1st Baronet 28 April 1724-1 December 1801) was descended from the first settlers on Barbados. Sir John Gay was so effective at leading the Mount Gilboa Plantation/Distillery Company – still the makers of the world’s oldest known rum brand and earned such a widely-respected reputation internationally as a business manager and community leader, that the company was renamed Mount Gay Rum Distilleries Ltd, upon his death in 1801.

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All roads lead to the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury for this special 40th Anniversarybuy-tickets event. Come and celebrate the Alleyne School Alumni’s achievements with the hilarious comedian Wayne ‘Dibbi’ Rollins.

Lots of food and drink and when you think it’s over you’ll be dancing to the sweet tunes of the legendary Studio One Sound featuring Mr Fix It.

CaribDirect looks forward to seeing you there…!