My guest this week on The Dolor Factor on Colourful Radio is Ernestia Fraser.

Fraser is a Bahamian native who grew up in Nassau and left her hometown at the age of 17 to pursue a career in writing.

Her book, Carnival of Love A Tale of a Bahamian Family, is a memoir that explores the meaning of love and family in a fractured household. Set in the Bahamas, the story is told through the eyes of Maria Helix, one of nine children growing up in a stable and loving environment. With the sudden breakup of her comfortable family life and home, Maria is forced to confront the realities of loss, conflict, and economic uncertainty triggered by her parents separation and divorce.

Fraser talks to me with frankness about her childhood and how the book affected her family after it was published.

Thursday 19 July @ 9am – available on podcast

Ernestia Fraser