Author TC Carrier will reveal his seven keys from his new book ‘The Metaphysical Blueprint to Decoding Hollywood’s Evil Genious’ on how to break down the hidden meanings and symbols in Hollywood films. He will expose the diabolical plan on how the media industry manipulates our thinking and behavior through our entertainment. There is a war going on for your time and Inner G that you do not even know exists, so how can you possibly protect yourself? This book will give you the tools you need to arm yourself against the constant attacks from this seemingless, harmless, images and symbols.

Author TC Carrier

The second half of the class is the viewing and breakdown of one of Hollywood’s esoteric and elegant masterpieces, the movie ‘Avatar.’ We will go scene by scene breaking down the intricacies of the movie and explain how it is all linked back to the history of ‘Afrikan People’ and their constant attack and oppression by people of European lineage.

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