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20 Yr Old Amber Low, From Flight Attendant to Pilot

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amber lowTwo years ago Amber Low was one of six Guyanese selected to train as flight attendants for Dynamic Airways. Fast forward to 2017 and now 20, Amber is moving out of the cabin into the cockpit.

This might sound stereotypical but her journey is nothing short of an inspiration for all Guyanese and people across the Caribbean. I am almost certain that Amber would not want to see this story from a gender perspective but as a inspiration to many young people looking to aim for the sky.

As Caribbean youths search for opportunities, the significant roadblocks that they often encounter along the way can often negatively affect their self confidence. Amber’s journey is a perfect example of how someone was granted a opportunity (at first to become a flight attendant) which then opened up doors for bigger things.

Here is Amber sharing her journey and future aspiration in the video below.

Great job Amber, all Guyanese and people from across the Caribbean are proud of your achievements so far. We look forward to your first day in the cockpit of a 767 airplane touching down on your home soil, Guyana.


Source: http://mycaribbeanscoop.com/guyana/flight-attendant-commercial-pilot-20-year-old-guyanese-woman-shares-story




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