Depending on who you talk to, anything between 44% and 77% of black women are single. Damn…hardly an inspiring statistic. But with all this doom and gloom perhaps we need a semi-light hearted approach to the situation!

So in no particular order, here are the top 10 reasons why, if you’re black, female and over 30 – you’re still SINGLE.

1. Black women no longer have the patent over “being black”

Women from other races now have the same qualities that once attracted the black man exclusively to the black woman

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Isn’t that the black woman’s booty?

Can Shakira gyrate her hips better than Beyonce?

2. Lazy Black Men?

Black men are encouraged to be ‘wotless’ and smoke weed all day. Be that as it may, no man wants another mother figure nagging him. Be his inspiration instead of his frustration. And if you can’t be that, then perhaps you’re just not right for each other.

(Editor: Big up to Kes, we love you still!)

(Editor: Choke)

3. You got too many kids!

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Kids mean responsibility and (black) men hate responsilibity. But seriously though, maybe you should get back with your babies daddy.

4. You were a good time girl in your twenties

It’s difficult to find “wife” material in this image

If you’ve partied your twenties away and didn’t invest some time into a ‘real’ relationship; chances are, all the good men are taken. Then again, you could wait until you’re in your forties when some of them get divorced.

5. You’re trying to find a “black” man

The BIG debate: Do you hold out for a ‘black man’ or be colour blind

I don’t know but maybe they did…

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6. You wear fake hair – Badly

Nuff said…

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(Editor: That’s just wrong on so many levels!)

7. You believe you’ll stay single

Have you heard about the law of attraction? Mumbo jumbo or the way the “universe” works?

Tell ’em Diamond!

Now go get your man!

8. You smell of desperation

Now let’s be honest. You might be desperate, and on some levels that’s understandable. BUT the key is not to look, act or smell desperate. It might be crazy, but not sexy or cool.

9. You become a ‘career woman’

Like it or not, most men are challenged by women who are doing better than them or  ‘earn’ more than they do. Does that mean you stop climbing that corporate ladder or fulfill your dream of being an entrepreneur? Of course not, but it does mean you need to strike a balance.

The problem with ‘career’ is that it can take over your life and you forget how to become someone’s potential ‘home maker’

Get that balance right and watch it rain men.

10. You can’t cook

I’m not joking. Seriously stop laughing!

The problem is that more and more women don’t believe this age old adage to be true.

Now, we need an authority on the topic, hmmm..let me see..Ah! Kingswagjojo!

Like Kingswagjojo says “Get innovatitive”