Caribbean news.

1. The Caribbean is an Archipelago, a chain of islands. Most Americans believe Jamaica is the Caribbean, They believe that St lucia, Barbados, Trinidad etc are parts of Jamaica. SMH

2. Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean. Bermuda is indeed a beautiful place, actually my second favorite place after St Lucia – but it isn’t in the Caribbean Region.

3. The first settlers of the Caribbean, were not Africans. The truth is they were South Americans. They travelled down the Orinoco River to Trinidad and Tobago, and then spread rapidly up the islands of the Caribbean.

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4. The Caribbean has no Winter. There are only two seasons in the West Indies. Dry and rainy seasons. The dry season lasts from roughly December to May and it is very hot, breezy and dusty. Then, from June to November is the rainy or hurricane season.

5. The Caribbean isn’t named after a beer.The name Caribbean comes from the original Carib people, a culture that was present when the Spanish arrived. Historically it’s been named the West Indies, such as the French West Indies, the Spanish West Indies, etc.

6. No, you can’t drink more RUM, BEER,WHISKEY OR VODKA than us. The Average Caribbean man can out drink the best of them in the good old U.S of A. St. Lucia placed 4th overall in annual spirits-drinking per capita globally, with islands like Dominica, Bahamas, St Vincent and Grenada – being in the top 10.

7. There are about 40 million people that live in the Caribbean, consisting of 30 different territories and more than 700 islands, islets, reefs, and cays.

8. The general age of sexual consent is between 16 – 18. The age varies based on the laws of different countries.

9. Most Island people do speak English, it’s the accents that normally confuse you. I’m from the Caribbean, and I don’t understand the Bajan accent. Trinidadians get confused with the Dominican accent, I could go on.. Most times you just need to ask us to speak slower.

10. Why are we excellent performers in College and University ? Frigging CXCs, it is an exam equivalent to your S.A.T exams. but……. it’s at a higher level! When we get to uni, we know most of the stuff, and if we do go to a local college to do our A Levels.. then!! it’s a wrap!!


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