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Wife Material: A Caribbean Man’s Decision

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Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

First it was Beenie Man and Carlene, and then it was Beenie Man again, but with D’Angel this time.  But it seems Beenie Man has a problem keeping his women as he and D’Angel are no more, leaving dancehall fans in search of a new hot couple to represent dancehall.

Then dancehall dj, Cham, formerly Baby Cham and his wife O came along.  Their first song together, ‘Wine up Mi Body” was a hit.

Then after that, it seems the light bulb went off in Cham’s head, as they have not stopped making hits after that.  A recent headline in The Star Newspaper dubbed them the new power couple.

What I find ironic though, is that O does not look like the type of female who is the subject of a lot of dancehall songs.  Even in video for their debut song, ‘Wine up Mi Body’ where O sings the hook, where she basically just restates the title, she is not really doing what she is saying in the hook.

It is the other females in the video who are actually ‘wining up dem body’ because O looks a bit shy in the video and she is not really moving.  However, she is the star of the video.

What does this tell us?

Photo courtesy mynishani.wordpress.com

Well it tells me that even though men may run around with all the wild and fun females who can ‘wine up dem body’, when it comes to choosing a wife, they look past all the ‘wining’ and look elsewhere.

So to all the females who love to go to parties and make banana splits on the floor in the middle of the party and have the camera all up on you while you ‘wine up yo body’, the guy may be going home with you tonight but it just may be the only night.  The girl he is taking home to mama may just be the cute shy girl in the corner who is just humbly rocking to the music.  Yes that same girl, you and your friends were calling lame because she is not as wild as you.



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