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Move over Movie Star!

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Being worldwide famous was traditionally reserved for talented movie stars, artistes and athletes.  Now stars are emerging from internet and that of reality TV. The advent of Reality TV gave a whole new meaning to television entertainment.

The explosion of popular reality series in North America, in 2000, such as Big Brother, Survivor, MTV Real House and many others had audiences craving this new form of entertainment. Reality TV became the new addiction for audiences everywhere, spawning a market base clamoring for new shows and ideas. Real life competitions such as Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and Fear Factor were some of the biggest hits for Reality TV competition.

Now competition reality series are so varied ranging from Fashion; America’s Next Top Model to the corporate Boardroom in Celebrity Apprentice.   Now Reality TV series are so varied and vast that almost every network has its own spin on Reality TV.

Reality TV is now a mainstay of popular culture. The frenzy for these shows has surpassed North American borders and spills onto Caribbean shores. In Jamaica, there is the popular Digicel Rising Star, Claro Cash Cab, Digicel’s Deal and the latest one about popular DJ Vybyz Kartel looking for love on Teacha’s Pet.

Now or Never in Trinidad and Tobago and Mission Catwalk are a few. It is rumored that Former Miss Universe, Wendy Fitzwilliam is scheduled to launch Caribbean‘s Next Top Model later this year.

Wendy Fitzwilliam. Photo courtesy mdig.com.br

Reality TV has made unprecedented worldwide stars of quite a few individuals. America’s love of popular culture and its obsession with involvement in the lives of the celebrities is big business.

One that includes expensive snapshots and photographs from Paparazzi, blogs, tabloids and magazines, viewing celebrity’s home and their daily lifestyle where the cameras roll on 24/7 in their lives. To think all this started with just a certain sex tape being leaked on the internet. Now everyone is looking for that special spotlight moment where posting a video on the internet will achieve that.

Fame is no longer attained by just those with talent that makes the movies, songs, books and set worldwide records. It takes a good camera to create that perfect moment where it generates several views and hits. Making an ordinary person into an overnight internet star with the possibilities to obtain spin offs that may lead to greater fame, stardom and riches.



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