Home NewsCaribbean and the City NEW EPISODES OF SERIES ‘ACKEE & SALTFISH’ TO AIR NEXT WEEK ON BBC THREE Posted by Eye Candy on November 22, 2016 at 12:17pm

NEW EPISODES OF SERIES ‘ACKEE & SALTFISH’ TO AIR NEXT WEEK ON BBC THREE Posted by Eye Candy on November 22, 2016 at 12:17pm

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’Ackee & Saltfish’ is back and they’re making moves! For those who don’t know, ‘Ackee & Saltfish’ is a short film and Youtube series, directed by Cecile Emeke, creator of The Strolling Series. Starring Michelle Tiwo and Vanessa Barbiye, the project follows two best friends as they wander around East London in search of the titular meal, the national dish of Jamaica. In a New York Times interview Cecile said, “‘Ackee & Saltfish’ is definitely based on personal experiences of mine. It’s very conversational in style, and there are a lot of intertwined themes in there, from religion to race to gentrification to popular culture and so forth…With my loved ones, our conversations might start off as a random debate about whether meat is bad for you or not, then somehow meander to outrage at the neocolonialism happening throughout the world, and yet somehow end up with us reassuring one another that Jazmine Sullivan is indeed underrated and wondering if we can slide into her direct messages and be “besties.” This dynamism and textured storytelling is a swift departure from the two dimensional characters that are often present mainstream shows and films. A huge congrats is in order for the team behind this because getting to BBC 3 is no small feat! Catch up on past episodes in preparation for the new ones, and for those in the UK, please support this project and don’t tweet too many spoilers for the sake of your brothers & sisters across the pond.


Source : http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/new-episodes-of-series-ackee-saltfish-to-air-next-week-on-bbc



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