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Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

Dancehall artist, Popcaan has not only been creating waves here in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  The dj has crossed the border to enter into the mainstream market to feature at #89 on the Billboard Hip and R&B 100 chart with his hit song ‘Only Man She Want”.  It does not stop there, as the dancehall artist was also featured in the April 13, 2012 edition of the New York Times Magazine.

In the article, five artists are featured from across the world.  What is obvious as soon as you access the webpage of the article is that Popcaan’s picture is the first picture that visitors to the page are presented with; however, his name is mentioned last in the article.  It’s like going to a show to see a big star but you have to wait until all the other acts perform because, as they say, ‘you have to leave the best for last’.

Popcaan’s feature in the article reads:

“As ever, dancehall songs take several months to crawl up from Jamaica and infiltrate the American consciousness. Popcaan’s “Only Man She Want” (Sounique), now experiencing its crossover moment, is already months old, but its sweetness hasn’t faded. It’s a syrupy love song, and Popcaan has a smooth voice with a hint of shrillness, and a casual manner, never oversinging the sentiment. (There’s also a remix featuring Busta Rhymes in full patois mode.) “Only Man She Want” is buried deep on “Yiy Change,” the new mixtape by Popcaan (available at popcaanmusic.com), more of an afterthought than an advertisement. Maybe that’s because there’s much better material here: the lazy roots-reggae toast “Weedy,” the bawdy come-on “Back It Up,” the bruising “Nuh Box Pon Jaw,” and remixes of older hits like “Ravin,” delivered here over the guttural beat from Tyga’s “Rack City.” Throughout Popcaan shows off his tough side, and his ease with comic timing and phrasing — other parts of his personality that should trickle north soon enough.”

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