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Nevisian Recording Artiste Accuses Woman Police Constable of Assault…

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A Nevisian recording artiste and Taxi Tour Guide has accused a certain female member of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force of assault, threatening language and pointing her service revolver at him.

Speaking with SKNVibes, David ‘Watusi’ Wade of Bath Village, Nevis said that on Friday (Jan. 6) he had lodged a complaint with a Sergeant at the Basseterre Police Station against the female officer and he intends to get justice for what he called illegal acts perpetrated by her against him.

Wade, who plys his trade of selling his music on CDs between Nevis and St. Kitts, claimed that on Thursday morning (Jan. 5) he had travelled from his home to St. Kitts to market his music at Port Zante.

“When I came to St. Kitts, I went over to Port Zante because that is where I normally go and do my marketing of my music. Sometime between 12 and 1:00 p.m. while at Port Zante speaking to some visitors, a female police officer approached me and started saying that I don’t have any call over there and that I should go up by the Vendors Plaza.

“While she was saying that, she was pointing her hand in my face and keep telling me, ‘Why you don’t go from over here.’ I said to her, ‘Miss, you assaulting me by pointing your hand in my face.’ And she replied, ‘You don’t know who you dealing with.’ And I told her that I am not dealing with you, it is you who are interfering with me. She then pointed her fingers at me in the gun sign and said pow,” Wade explained.

The 57-year-old man noted that a Kantour’s dispatcher who was present at the scene said, “I don’t know why this woman interfering with you. You are promoting your music and that is what we want…go upstairs to the Port Manager and talk to him.”

Wade said he did not see the Port Manager in his office, but he met him half an hour after in the vicinity of Fat Tuesday and explained what transpired.

“The Port Manager said, ‘If the lady did that to you she is wrong and I am going to talk to her.’ I then left the area because I had to catch the ferry back to Nevis. I left there with the thought that everything would be dealt with by the manager,” he added.

The artiste said he returned to Port Zante on the following day, and sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. while he was interacting with a group of visitors the same female officer “left from the south side and came right between me and the visitors, pointed her hand in my face and said go from here”.

Wade said he told her that the Port Manager gave him permission to ply his trade in that area.

He continued: “The officer said, ‘I don’t care…go from over here.’ And she continued pointing her hand in my face. I told her it was wrong and how would you like for me to point my hand in your face instead. While telling her so, I raised my hand in which I had my radio and pointed it in her face.

“The female officer then pulled out a gun and pointed it at me saying, ‘I will bust you chest. You don’t know who you playing with. I will bust you chest open here today.’

“I told her if she wanted to shoot me go ahead and shoot because I ain’t do nothing wrong. I then left the area and went to the Basseterre Police Station and made a report to a Sergeant and a female constable took a statement from me.”

Wade also stated that he was terrified when the officer pointed the gun at him and made the alleged threatening statement.

Wade further explained that during the time when the gun was pointed at him, he told the officer that he was going to report her to the Commissioner of Police, and he alleged that she said, “I don’t care, a bet you don’t tek a step forward…a bust you chest.”

When contacted, the Officer-in-Charge of Complaints, Sergeant Jacobs, confirmed that a complaint was levelled against the Woman Police Officer and he indicated that the matter is under investigation.

(Source http://www.sknvibes.com/news/newsdetails.cfm/51836)



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