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Jamaica in: Bob Marley’s Legacy Lives On In Brazil

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Staff writer Denise Mota

At least three significant brands have decided that 2012 will have Jamaican colours, philosophy and way of life.

Internationally known, Puma is working with Cedella Marley, the eldest daughter of reggae icon, on the wear design of the entire Jamaica track & field team in the Olympic Games of London this year. Cedella is the official designer of the whole collection.

Designer, singer, composer, mother of three and writer of children books, she also holds the ties of the foundation named after his father and takes care of his artistic rights and the preservation of this valorous heritage. Cedella is developing also all outfits to be used in the Olympics by sprinter Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, three-time golden medalist for his homeland.

The collection won´t be of exclusive use for the Jamaican athletes and may be reaching the streets next year.

Robert Nesta Marley is also the leitmotiv of the Billabong collection recently launched in Brazil. In homage to the Jamaican artist, the pieces were produced, according to this Australian brand –linked mainly to action sports such as surf–, under green friendly standards, like the use of recycled and organic materials. (Do you think Bob Marley’s music would be relevant and popular today if her were alive? Comment below)

Portrait of the legendary Bob Marley

All clothes were printed with images belonging to the archives of the artist´s family. In Brazilian stores, the collection –which was launched in many points all around the world—is made of shorts, T-shirts and tank tops.
Finally, Bintang, from Rio de Janeiro, got seduced by the Jamaican charm and paints its summer in clear, light tones in a tribute to nature and sunset in the Caribbean country.

Its prints are made of floral elements, tie-dye and gradient colours. Jamaican inspiration goes beyond the clothes and the brand (born seven years ago after a surfers trip to Indonesia) has just launched a radio dedicated to Rastafari culture and a publication, the Roots Mag (www.bintang.com.br/rootsmag/).

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