Italian as well as international governments are in awe of huge shock seeing the rogue regime in Dominica under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit is renting out country’s diplomatic status to various individuals, including people with dubious backgrounds. Investigators in Italy are already getting extremely sensational information from Francesco Corallo, who was appointed as ambassador of Dominica to FAO [Food and Agricultural Organization]. But, Francesco Corallo was never accepted as a diplomat by the Italian government, as he was not a national of Dominica.

On condition of anonymity, one of the top investigators in Francesco Corallo case told correspondent of Weekly Blitz that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his government is seen to be involved in providing diplomatic coverage to various individuals, most of whom have doubtful activities.

“This is not the first time that a dubious diplomat of Dominica is arrested by the law enforcing agencies and denied diplomatic immune. For past few years, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his aides are continuing to use their diplomatic passports and status in earning huge sum of money by renting out such statuses and passports to various individuals”, the source said.

The source further said, the diplomatic status and passport must have been rented out to Francesco Corallo to save him from the US$ 45 billion tax evasion charge, which his company Atlantis/BetPlus is currently facing.

Another source in Italy, seeking anonymity told Weekly Blitz that, Francesco Corallo received the diplomatic status and diplomatic passport after having direct talks with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. The diplomatic cover was accorded to him under mutual agreement of paying US$ 25,000 per month as “royalty”, while as security deposit of US$ 200,000 was also handed over to Skerrit’s representative.

Francesco Corallo though initially denied the allegation of paying US$ 25,000 per month as “royalty” for the diplomatic status and passport to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, it was revealed later that a Lebanese woman named Hanna was receiving US$ 25,000 each month from Francesco Corallo. Moreover, there had been traces of numerous phone calls from Dominica to Francesco Corallo, and in one of the intercepted telephonic conversations, a female named Hanna was speaking to Francesco Corallo in Italian language. This woman was mentioning Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and thanking Francesco Corallo for timely payment of the monthly royalty.

Meanwhile, security specialists in Washington are showing grave concern at the current tendency of the Roosevelt Skerrit government in using diplomatic passport and status for doubtful purposes. In 2009, Swiss government renounced diplomatic immunity of Dominica’s ambassador Roman Lakschin, a Russian national, who obtained the diplomatic status and passport from the government of Roosevelt Skerrit. US administration also denied diplomatic pleas of Dominica’s ambassador Rudolph King, when he was arrested on fraud charges. Back in 2007, Washington declined to grant visa to Barbadian, a national Leroy, Paris, as he was named goodwill ambassador being a non-Dominica national.

The experts believe, currently more than 46 diplomatic passports of Dominica are already in possession of some dubious people in the world, who are allowed to use it against monthly payment of royalty. Through such severely illegal practice, Roosevelt Skerrit is receiving at least US$ 1.15 million per month.

The rogue regime of Roosevelt Skerrit is also allowing transportation of illegal items inside “diplomatic pouches”. It is suspected that contraband items such as counterfeit US Dollar bills and Euros are transported through diplomatic pouch of Dominica to various countries in the world.

It may be mentioned here that, large volume of counterfeit Euros and US Dollars were also traced in Italy and a number of nations, which is believed to have been circulated through the network of people holding diplomatic passports of Dominica. Such practices are clear violation of the Vienna Convention of the Diplomatic Relations.

“This is a real crisis for the people of Dominica, as their country’s dignity is put into stake by the government of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit”, a source in Washington said.

Dominica, an island with nature-gifted infinite beauties have the most decent population in the world. By nature, people of the country are gentle, kind and extremely hospitable. International visitors, who have already visited Dominica are always looking for their next visit to this wonderful island. Tourism experts believe that, Dominica is the best location for people, who wish to witness the very virgin natural picturesque on the earth. Tourism industry is gradually growing, despite series of adversities. It is believed that, people of Dominica has visibly become hostage into the grips of some extremely greedy politicians. While rulling party is continuing numerous forms of mischeafs, opposition parties in the country are also seen maintaining total silence and have failed to stand for the national interest of Dominica.

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