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Can LA Lewis Really Run GAZA?

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Kerran CaribDirect staff writer

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

People I think it is safe to say that LA Lewis is off his medication again.  Either that or he has found yet another way to get some light shone on him.  And yes I know I am giving him the attention he hopelessly seeks.  Why?  Because I am afraid that if he does not get it he might hurt himself; or worse, hurt someone else.

So what has La Lewis done this time?  No he’s not running for Member of Parliament and no, he is not going celibate again.  This time La Lewis is starting his own crew….or sort of.

Here goes, with Vybz Kartel in incarceration, La Lewis figured that the Portmore Empire aka the Gaza currently lacks the proper guidance and leadership that is required for an organization to be successful.  So after that observation, a light bulb seemingly went off in Las Lewis’s head.  Then came the idea to start up an organization parallel to the Gaza; the Gaza Federation.

According to La Lewis, with Kartel in jail, awaiting trial there has been no one

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leading the Gaza or taking charge.  As a result he is stepping up to the challenge.  When asked on Entertainment Report (ER), if he thinks Kartel would mind him (Lewis) trying to take over his crew; his response was, in a nutshell, only someone who stupid would have a problem with what he (Lewis) is doing, and he (Lewis) knows that Vybz Kartel is not an idiot, so he (Lewis) is sure Kartel would not mind.

I n a previous interview with the Star Newspaper, La Lewis was ordering Popcaan to join the Gaza federation to show his allegiance to the Vybz Kartel led Gaza.  He also claimed that he already has some artists who have signed up to become members of the Gaza Federation.



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