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Unattractive Female Dance Moves

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Staff Writer Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. So over the course of the summer of 2013, I noticed two female dance moves climbed the popularity ladder.

In fact they became really popular among female dancers and regular party goers alike.  They were however, not so popular with me.

The dance moves I refer to are, the Muscle Wine and the One Drop.  I just find both dances very unattractive, especially the Muscle Wine.

While the One Drop has somewhat evolved to form other variations which have improved the aesthetics of that dance move. As for the Muscle Wine, however, it is the most unattractive female dance move I have ever seen coming out of Jamaica.

Going back to the days of the Butterfly, Dutty Wine, Chiney Wine and Hot Wuk; I have never seen females look so unattractive on the dance floor.

Muscle wine

Muscle wine

As the name suggests, in doing this dance one has to ‘muscle up’ the arms while contorting the face, as if in pain.  This dance makes even the most attractive female look like she fell out the ugly tree and hit all the branches on her way down.

Not even the females in the music video could make the dance look appealing to me; and if the video girls cannot sell this dance then I don’t know who can.  These females just look like they’re constipated and desperate to get a release.

Luckily, I am not the only one who agrees.  When I saw Dutty Berry (YouTuber) did a video on this sorry excuse for a dance, I was shouting hallelujah to know that somebody agrees with me.  In fact his comments and mine (about Muscle Wine) almost mirror each other.

In closing, I will take the Dutty Berry approach and end with an appeal.  Females please don’t do this dance.  It’s just not cute.  Go back to the Butterfly for heaven’s sake.  Find something more attractive to do, just not the Muscle Wine.



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