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S’Aimer NYC brings a Caribbean & French Fusion to the forefront

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New York City has added a new jewel to its shimmering crown known as Times Square. This comes in the form of the recently opened restaurant and lounge experience, S’Aimer NYC, which captures the essence of modern elegance in a stylish and upscale atmosphere while bringing together the rich culinary traditions of the Caribbean and the finesse of French gastronomy.

The new, not-so-hidden Manhattan gem which opened its doors in the summer of 2023 is the second establishment under the Jasmine’s Restaurant Group (alongside Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine) and was borne out of a desire to blend global cuisines and create a sophisticated space where people can connect over food, drinks, and music from various cultures.

S’Aimer, which translates to ‘love for all’ or ‘love one another’, has so far been praised by patrons for its unique aesthetic, speakeasy feel and diverse menu of French-inspired dishes, craft cocktails, and emphasis on international culinary exploration.

Highlights from the menu include hors d’oeuvres e.g. crispy squid (with tartar sauce & lemon) and a roasted baby beets salad (with goat cheese and apple), sharable side dishes such as sautéed haricot vert & shallots and sweet plantains, delectable entrees which include pulled oxtail and pan seared black bass, as well as S’Aimer NYC’s famous Creole Punch.

Founder of this latest ‘Restaurant Row’ hotspot, Jasmine Gerald touched on the motivation behind S’Aimer NYC’s unique concept stating, “We chose French cuisine to be paired with a Caribbean twist as France has had a major influence within the Caribbean. Through our brands, we aim to create a platform for appreciation, education, and celebration of the Caribbean’s rich heritage, so we wanted to open the conversation on the French influence in the Caribbean.”

Most notably, S’Aimer NYC recently participated in the 2023  New York City Food and Wine Festival on October 14th and 16th and hosted a live Jazz show featuring the renowned duo Acute Inflections on Tuesday October 17th.

The venue will continue to showcase several upcoming live entertainment experiences including music, spoken word performances and even comedy acts.

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to creating authentic & memorable experiences, S’Aimer NYCs staff encourage both locals and tourists to Times Square to come and immerse themselves in a culinary journey to Paris, France with a splash of Caribbean flair.

S’Aimer NYC is now open to the public at 338 West 46th Street in Manhattan, New York from Tuesday to Sunday, 5:30PM to 12:30AM.

For further info visit saimernyc.com and follow S’Aimer NYC on social media via: @saimernyc



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