Delia Dolor, in-house contributor

We don’t like to call them New Year Resolutions, but at the back of our minds, many of us resolve to make changes, and we seem to think that the new year is the time to do it.

Getting the courage to change whatever it is we want, takes more than keeping the thought in your mind, it’s about thinking honestly about the issue and creating outcomes to deal with them in a timely way. If you want your New Year to be different, then you have to approach it differently.

Margie Warrell, best selling author, media commentator, and advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment, in the February 2019 issue of Pysycholgies Magazine, provides five essential points for feeling the fear, and finding the courage to take action.

The first point: “Identify what you are so afraid of. Then, imagine your worst fear coming to fruition and breath through it. How would you handle it?” Well, one of this writer’s fears is not opening letters, especially from financial institutions. Regardless of whether I know what’s in it or not, I just can’t open them immediately. How would I handle it when I opened it? Pay the fee…Not good. What’s your fear? Is it worth ignoring?

The third point: “Courage is about taking responsibility for your own life. Ask yourself: In which situations have I cast people as villains or myself as a victim? What other story could I tell? What payoff would I need to give up to do this?”

It’s worth many thoughts!